Affan Ocakbaşı


Gaziantep and Hatay/Antakya are renowned cities in Turkey when it comes to gastronomy, offering unique dishes and cuisines that are not commonly found elsewhere. In Istanbul, you can find many high-quality restaurants that excel in preparing these regional specialties, sometimes even bringing the flavors directly from these cities. Affan Ocakbaşı is one such venue that recently opened in Feneryolu, Istanbul and is garnering significant success. Affan Ocakbaşı has quickly caught the attention of Anatolian side residents looking for a memorable dining experience.


Those who know Affan Kahvesi, which we visited when we went to Hatay before the earthquake disaster, know that it was one of the most classic and enjoyable places in Hatay. It really feels different and emotional to get Affan Ocakbaşı’s name from here. The restaurant provides a compelling alternative for residents around Bağdat Caddesi or anyone looking to spend quality time in the Feneryolu area. Affan Ocakbaşı has a spacious and welcoming atmosphere, especially the expansive garden, creates an ambiance reminiscent of being in another city. The upper floor is suitable for more special occasions and celebrations and the venue is also suggested for business lunches.

Affan Ocakbaşı’s menu features the most famous dishes from Antakya. The culinary journey begins with a selection of delicious Antakya appetizers and starters, followed by must-try Antakya dishes like broken olive salad, fellah meatballs, hummus with butter pistachio and abagannuş. The menu even includes the sesame-free bagel, a specialty of the city. The tile cheese flavored with garlic is highly recommended, as it’s warmth and aroma are quite inviting. Also, in main dishes menu, you’ll find a collection of the most renowned dishes from Antakya. Tray kebab, Affan wrap, Belen kebab and various meat/chicken dishes are also popular.

Tips : The meal wouldn’t be complete without indulging in a delightful künefe, a traditional Antakya dessert. It’s really delicious and special in Affan Ocakbaşı.





Signature Dishes

  • Tepsi Kebabı
    $ 10.00


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