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Balat Agora Meyhanesi


Balat Agora Meyhanesi is a traditional tavern that has become a classic established in 1890. One of the most well-known locations in Balat is Balat Agora Meyhanesi, where you should undoubtedly spend an evening. It is a very unique environment and it gives a completely different feeling. Balat Agora Meyhanesi, which has been the subject of many poems and songs, has hosted many artists and Yeşilçam stars over the years.

Balat Agora Meyhanesi is located between two historical walls. It has a very historical atmosphere. The instant you step through the door, you can immediately sense the history. Giant wine barrels are used here instead of tables. There is a sizable menu as well. They serve delicious appetizers. Popular appetizers include liver and eggplant pate, as well as zucchini with almond yogurt. Grilled octopus, grilled calamari and agora street meatballs are very popular also. Balat Agora Meyhanesi, which is among the historical and nostalgic places of İstanbul, serves as a business of 150 – 200 people today, preserving it’s old texture.




Signature Dishes

  • Bademli Yoğurtlu Kabak
    $ 12.00


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