Coffee Shop $10.00 - $20.00

Altkat Coffee Community


Kadıköy is a whereabouts especially loved by young people. Almost every week, a different venue opens, most of them are succesful coffee shops. Among them, one of our favorites is Altkat Coffee Community. Altkat Coffee Community is Located under the office of Naif Tasarım and also designed by this architecture office.

This coffee house is one of the most beautiful coffee shops in Kadıköy. Altkat Coffee Community, which has a sophisticated ambiance is quite small; however, through to it’s delicious coffees and mini snacks, it has gained many regulars in a short time. When you come here, you can try their delicious coffees or desserts such as red velvet cookies, ıce cream croissant or apple pie, sit at a nice table and watch Kadıköy, it’s surroundings and what is going on on the street.

You can also choose snacks such as sandwiches and maybe cold drinks. It is also a pleasure to sit for a long time and talk with your friends in this place, which is perfect for summer days.





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