Healthy Food, Street Food $3.00 - $15.00

Asri Turşucusu


Asri Turşucusu, located in Beyoğlu Balık Pazarı, is the perfect location to taste various kind of pickles. They have been serving at the same location since 1938. The options here are quite extensive such as cucumber pickle, lettuce pickle, greengage pickle, aubergine pickle, pepper pickle and more! They sell the products in a glass with their famous pickle juice if you want to consume your pickles right on the spot. You can also buy pickles from the shop to consume later on.

There are also signature products in the spot such as; gombo with hot sauce, lettuce with hot sauce, kimchi pickle, red carrot pickle, cherry pickle, trozi, zahter, patlıcan (eggplant) dolama, cauliflower pickle with red beet, and many more!

In addition to pickles, you can also buy goods such as gravy, turnip, vinegar, breakfast sauces etc… Asri Turşucusu is a good place to shop for things that you can carry with you to your home and make your suppers more and more tasty!

If you want to grab a delicious appetizer while you are hanging in the beautiful streets of Beyoğlu, Asri Turşucusu offers a great street food alternative. If you will try that way, buy a glass of mixed pickles with a red beet juice! It’s especially a great alternative in the winter.




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