LOCAL CUISINE, Seafood $80.00 - $100.00

Garos Türkbükü


Türkbükü is one of the regions most preferred by those who come to Bodrum on holiday to spend time and make a luxury vacation. The area has seen the opening of many new beaches, restaurants and entertainment venues but also there are timeless classics that have stood the test of time and one such beloved place is Garos Türkbükü. Garos Türkbükü is located at the very beginning of Türkbükü Bay in Bodrum, Garos Türkbükü boasts a magnificent sea view. The venue offers both comfort and stylish, tasteful decoration.

The predominant use of white, reminiscent of Bodrum’s signature color, is noticeable in this place that evokes the warm feeling of a grandmother’s house. The wooden tables, chairs and photographs that evoke nostalgia create a truly enjoyable ambiance. At Garos Türkbükü, you can relish delicious food while being accompanied by Greek and Turkish nostalgic music. The experienced management team including Garo Nişan and Çetin Sarıoğlu have hosted many regulars and famous figures over the years.

If we talk about the menu of Garos Türkbükü; Garos offers a simple yet delightful selection of dishes. They focus on quality and essence. The appetizers, prepared with fresh and seasonal ingredients; are divided into two categories: with seafood and vegetables. The appetizers are truly delicious, and you’ll particularly enjoy browsing through the options. Following the appetizers, salads, starters and main courses are served. Don’t miss the opportunity to try the Begendili Pastry and Jumbo Shrimp, which are among the populer hot starters. The most popular choices for main courses include Garo’s Çökertme (a traditional Turkish dish) and Seafood Pasta.




Signature Dishes

  • Garo's Çökertme
    $ 15.00


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