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Gül Büryan


Fatih is the busiest region in terms of restaurants serving traditional Turkish dishes. There are numerous places for tourists to visit, particularly in the touristy area of Fatih. One of the most well-known eateries where meat dishes are prominent is Gul Büryan.

Büryan kebab, which is made from lamb prepared by smoking under the wood fire, is served in the venue located in the Tarihi Kadınlar Pazarı in Fatih. This dish, which is famous in cities such as Bitlis and Siirt, is really delicious. Meat-loving locals and tourists alike should eat this kebab here because Gül Büryan is the first place where büryan kebab was made in İstanbul. Gül Büryan is operating since 1977. Therefore, it is possible to say that it has become a classic.




Signature Dishes

  • Büryan
    $ 8.00


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