Bistro Bar, LOCAL CUISINE $20.00 - $60.00

Pub Avni


A very uniq place Located in Harbiye has been serving his regulars over 50 years. Back in 1970’s there are many offices in the district who like to hang out in a bar after work. As you mention from its name Pub Avni used to a place where people go after work. Now a days the bar is getting crowded toward midnight and most days hosts live music. But you can still see some regulars hanging out in the bar, chatting about politics while sipping form their rakı.

Pub Avni is a very uniq place to see how Turkish Urban behaviors 70’s and 80’s. Also it’s delightful to taste the restaurants appetizers and old school cocktails. The owner of the place and most of service crew has been working for the place since beginning. And the decoration of the place not really changed. You should defiantly try Yoğurtlu kebap in the restaurant.





Signature Dishes

  • Yoğurtlı Kebap
    $ 13.00


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