Kokoreç & offel $10.00 - $20.00

Selahattin Usta Kokoreç


Kokoreç (grilled sheep’s intestines) is one of the most favored street food in Turkey. Selahattin Usta is located in Çengelköy and has been well-known for its consistent taste for many years. There are different kinds of kokoreç and offals here such as, Uykuluk, İstanbul style kokoreç and İzmir style kokoreç. Before you order one of them, ask the differences. For example İstanbul style kokoreç is a more simple one compared to the İzmir style which is prepared with tomatos and peppers. Season your kokoreç with a variety of spices, onions, and greens and order mini pepper pickles with it! Moreover, you may eat stuffed mussels which is also a highly loved street food in Turkey. Eat the mussels with lots of lemon juice on them which makes the taste even better.

The owner, Mr. Selahattin, is a really gentle man and the place has a friendly and sincere atmosphere. After the dinner you may hang out in the seaside, grab some desert and drink famous Turkish tea by the seaside. Çengelköy’s welcoming atmosphere will add more pleasure to your day!




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