Şırdancı Mehmet


Şırdan is an offal food unique to Turkish cuisine, which is prepared by cleaning the last part of the stomachs of animals, filling it with spicy rice, sewing it and cooking in tomato paste water. Şırdan dish, which is very delicious and mostly consumed in Adana city, is now consumed intensively in İstanbul as well. The most important reason for this is Şırdancı Mehmet, which has branches in many places and is an ideal place for eating delicious Şırdan.

Şırdancı Mehmet, the venue of Mehmet Chef, who is from Diyarbakır, whom we know from the Masterchef Television program, gained many regulars in a short time. In fact, it is possible to find the most delicious form of Şırdan in here. Besides than Şırdan, there are more dishes in Şırdancı Mehmet. Soups such as lentil soup, Beyran soup and snacks such as stuffed meatballs are preferred by customers of venue. In addition to all of these, there are also some types of grills and kebabs.





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  • Şırdan
    $ 8.00


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