What is Ocakbaşı?

What is Ocakbaşı?

Kebap is one of the first things that is very special among the Turkish cuisine. There are some places that you can also enjoy the fire-place while eating which called “Ocakbaşı” in Turkish culture. “Ocakbaşı” is one of the most enjoyable places of Turkish eating and drinking culture. The biggest difference that separates the fireside from the kebab restaurants is that the person sitting at the oven is in verbal communication with the master chef and other people sitting at the stove. Also when talking about Kebab, we can’t miss mentioning “rakı” which is a special beverage in the culture. If you are gonna try “rakı”, try “Şalgam” with it also and be careful with how fast you drink it since its a very strong alcoholic beverage!

Here are some places recommended:

Zübeyir Ocakbaşı

It is certainly appropriate to say that while considering Kebap and Ocakbaşı (fire-side) concept, Zübeyir is the first place that comes to mind. The restaurant has two locations: Taksim and Ataşehir. It is worth noting that Zübeyir has a large number of regulars, particularly in the profile of writers, artists, and actors. Zübeyir, which has had an important part in popularizing fireside culture among white-collar people, is a popular destination. Zübeyir is well-known for its lamb shish and scallops. Zubeyir is very important in teaching the urban population to consume delicacies that come out of the oven rather than cold appetizers (meze).

Kurtuluş Adana Ocakbaşı

You will always find a full place at Kurtuluş Adana Ocakbaşı, which serves in a small square meter. The inevitable dishes of the tables in the place include “Adana Kebab”, freshly produced “Gavurdağı”, “eggplant and lard, served with roasted onions and garlic”. Ribs and skewers are among must-try delicacies. “Atom with honey and banana” is served as a special dessert at the restaurant. Kurtuluş Adana Ocakbaşı can host 30 people at the same time, so it is quite tough to find a spot. So we advise you to book your place weeks ago!

4’ten 4’e Ocakbaşı

With its unique hours of operation ranging from 4’ten 4’e Ocakbaşı, the venue has quickly became a popular destination. The restaurant, which serves a variety of cold appetizers, gives its customers a real Ocakbaşı experience with roasted eggplant, garlic, and onions. Turkish delicacy made from lamb is the special dish of the place. The restaurant uses local ingredients such as meat from Balıkesir Gönen, mountain thyme from the Sivas Mountains, and kadayıf from Gaziantep. The decoration of the restaurant also contributes to a nice ambiance in the ancient building with high ceilings where the restaurant is located.

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