What is Rakı & Balık?

What is Rakı & Balık?

Turkish people enjoy going out for “Rakı & Balık” on many occasions, whether they are celebrating something, suffering a heart break, or needing to address critical issues! Rakı and Balık (Fish) eavesdrop many conversations about politics, economics, and love! The concept of “Rakı & Balık” is popular across all age groups, from 18 to 78! “Rakı & Balık” is an alternative for a girls night out, boys night out, and a date night.

When referring to “Rakı & Balık” its actually means going to a seafood restaurant. Instead of eating fish or seafood options there, many people love to taste cold appetizers in these places while drinking rakı. Rakı is the center of attention actually and tasting few appetizers alongside is a complementary activity.

Turkish taverns are also great alternatives for “Rakı & Balık”. The ambiance of Turkish taverns also contribute to the occasion. The background music, decorations, and mood of the taverns make them perfect places to cheer up and have delightful conversations. Some have been serving their customers for many years and have retained their authentic atmosphere while others are in the form of a modernized tavern. This is a truly unique notion that should be experienced.

Here are the best places for the occasion:

  • Kıyı Tarabya- Seafood restaurant

  • Rumelihisarı İskele- Seafood restaurant

  • Uskumru Restaurant- Seafood restaurant

  • Akın Balık Karaköy- Seafood restaurant

  • Koço Moda- Seafood restaurant

  • Karaköy Lokantası- Turkish tavern

  • Yakup Asmalımescit- Turkish tavern

  • Selimiye Birtat- Turkish tavern

  • İncir Altı Meyhanesi- Turkish tavern

  • Şişko Perihan- Turkish tavern

  • Güneşin Sofrası Kadıköy- Turkish tavern

  • Piraye Taş Plak Kadıköy- Turkish tavern

  • Demeti Cihangir- Turkish tavern

  • Mana Karaköy- Turkish tavern

If you try one of them, please share your thoughts with us and let other readers learn about your experiences!

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