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Madam Despina


There are many taverns around Kurtuluş and Feriköy. Many have been in operation for many years and have become classics now. Madame Despina is one of these taverns. This is an old, historic Armenian tavern in Kurtulus founded in 1946. It was established by Madam Despina, the first female tavern owner in Turkey. There is such a friendly, warm and welcoming atmosphere in Madam Despina Meyhane. It is possible to feel the history here. Excellent for evening get-togethers with friends. Definitely a pleasent environment.

Their food is also very tasty and unique. It is possible to find different options that you can’t find everywhere else. Rum Steak and Ciğer (Liver) are two of Despina’s Tavern’s specialties. Pilaki is considered as a cold appetizer, but it is served hot. The liver is in the form of leaf liver and is very tasty. There are also some excellent appetizers available. Among the favorites are pickled beetroot, brain salad, eggplant salad and carrot Tarator. Guests are also love chops cooked in coal fire and roasting.





Signature Dishes

  • Ciğer
    $ 12.00


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