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Marinee Kaburga


Marinee Kaburga, located in Şişli/Kurtuluş, offers a delectable dining experience with a menu that showcases the culinary expertise of Chef Mari Esgici. The restaurant is well liked for it’s cozy and inviting atmosphere, making it an excellent choice for a memorable dining experience. While previously focused on a single meal, Marinee Kaburga has expanded it’s offerings in it’s new location, known as Marinee Garden. The menu now features a wider range of dishes, ensuring something for every palate.

Chef Mari Esgici’s influence is evident throughout the menu, especially in the meat varieties, which are prepared with special techniques for maximum flavor. Marinee Kaburga is renowned for it’s delicious ribs, particularly the long-cooked ribs that promise a burst of rich flavors. Among the restaurant’s highlights is the buttery lamb liver, a must-try dish for those who appreciate quality liver dishes. In addition to ribs and liver, the menu also includes wraps and burgers, offering a different range of savory choices.





Signature Dishes

  • Kaburga
    $ 20.00


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