Paçacı Mahmut Usta


There are many flavor stops in Fatih. This is the district where the most special versions of traditional dishes are found. One of the most popular places in Fatih is Paçacı Mahmut Usta. This is a place that offers Turkish traditional flavors. Paçacı Mahmut Usta, which started with a four-table restaurant in Fatih in 1978, has grown due to high demand with it’s delicious dishes and unique soups and still maintains the same quality. Paçacı Mahmut Usta is an ideal place for both locals and tourists.

Soups are especially popular here. Head trotter soup and Lamb leg and trotter soup are very tasty choices. However, there are also different and delicious varieties such as baked casseroles, dried beans and chickpeas with tripe. You can also find dishes such as schnitzel and baked pasta at Paçacı Mahmut Usta, where you can make choices from world cuisine along with Turkish traditional delicacies.

Tips : There are also delicious desserts after the meal. Especially halva and rice pudding are preferred in Paçacı Mahmut Usta.





Signature Dishes

  • Paça Çorbası
    $ 4.00


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