Selimiye Birtat


Turkish taverns are notable for their distinct ambience and menus that include a variety of cold and hot meze options. Many of them also include fish, kebab, and offal for filling feasts. Birtat, famous for its meats and offal, is an excellent choice for both a large and wonderful supper and a quiet evening with friends.

Birtat is a restaurant that has kept its unique ambience and the flavor of its dishes for years, with family recipes passed down from generation to generation. Brain salad, beef tongue, kebabs and skewers, lamb pancreas and grilled lamb intestines (uykuluk & kokoreç), and grilled kidney are all must-tries. Aside from that, you may have freshly prepared appetizers and delectable desserts.

You can visit the Koşuyolu or Kadıköy branches. The Koşuyolu branch includes a nice cozy terrace area for socializing with friends. If you prefer the Kadıköy branch, there is a pleasant seating area in front of the restaurant where you can soak up the atmosphere of Kadıköy street while eating wonderful food.





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