Gastro Pub, Irish Pub $30.00 - $60.00

The North Shield Vadi

Vadi İstanbul

The North Shield is elegant and stylish gastro pub that has branches in different places in our country for many years. One of the most popular branches of the place, which is very popular with its cozy atmosphere reminiscent of English pubs, is in Vadi İstanbul. The North Shield, which is located in the Vadi Istanbul Shopping Center, maintains it’s standard of excellence in all of it’s branchs. It offers much more than a restaurant at a mall.

There are both gastro pub food menu (companions with drinks) here. As well as other delicious dishes. So you can come here to have a drink and snacks. Also for a nice dinner. Meals such as Viennese Schnitzel, Fish & Chips are among the most popular dishes of The North Shields Vadi. The bread and sauces are homemade because of this; every meal is delectable. Additionally, there are innovative pub foods like the Roast Beef Burger and the Cheeseburger with Maple Syrup. The alcohol menu is also quite extensive. Cocktails are especially popular in here.





Signature Dishes

  • Bomonti Black Burger
    $ 12.00


Now Closed

Opening Hours

  • Monday 10:00 - 24:00
  • Tuesday 10:00 - 24:00
  • Wednesday 10:00 - 24:00
  • Thursday 10:00 - 24:00
  • Friday 10:00 - 24:00
  • Saturday 10:00 - 24:00
  • Sunday 10:00 - 24:00

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