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Çömlek Kuru Fasulye Restaurant


Çömlek Kuru Fasulye Restaurant is a family-owned venue with a rich history that started in 1999 in Kısıklı/Üsküdar, where they began by cooking dried beans in a small shop. Over time, due to the growing popularity and the long queues forming at the door every day, the family decided to relocate to a larger location on Çamlıca Hill. This move allowed them to accommodate more customers comfortably.

The restaurant quickly gained a reputation among regular customers who adapted to it’s new address. Notably, it has attracted famous guests from the realms of politics and art, adding to it’s allure and prestige. Çömlek Kuru Fasulye Restaurant has become a go-to spot for various occasions such as company dinners, large family gatherings and special events.

Their menu features a selection of traditional Turkish dishes, including Rize’s signature roast, pilaf, meatballs, kale stuffed and muhlama. One of the restaurant’s defining features is it’s commitment to using high-quality ingredients. They source dried beans exclusively from İspir, a district in Erzurum and employ a unique cooking method. Every dishes are so delicious.





Signature Dishes

  • Kuru Fasulye
    $ 6.00


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