Kanaat lokantası


Places serving Turkish traditional dishes are among the favorite spots for both local people and tourists. Since Turkish cuisine is very rich and diverse, Kanaat Lokantası is one of the most beautiful places that can reflect this diversity. Since 1933, Kanaat Lokantasi has existed. The business was started by a family with a 150-year history of making dairy confections and ice cream, and it is still succeeding today. With 100–120 variations of sweets, appetizers, hot meals, ice cream and yoghurt varieties prepared fresh every day, Kanaat Lokantası offers it’s customers attentive and high-quality service.


In Kanaat Lokantası, which offers quality and delicious traditional Turkish dishes, great attention is paid to the quality of the ingredients and the seasonality of the products. There is so much variety in these carefully prepared dishes and the menu is so extensive that you will have a hard time choosing. Especially try Turkish dishes cooked with meat, appetizers and special dishes such as dolma. In addition to all these; You should bring your tourist guests here in particular for experience the finest Turkish cuisine.





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