Breakfast Place $2.00 - $5.00

Galata Simitçisi


Simit is one of the most favored treats in Turkey. People from all regions of all ages love this food. Previously it was only sold by mobile guys walking in the neighborhoods and shout to let peple know simit guy in the region. Nowadays most of the bakeries are selling it either. One of them is Galata Simitçisi, located in Karaköy in a mini cosy shop. You can order simit alongside with cheese, honey, cold cuts or you can order simit sandwiches with the fillings of your choice. There are also other bakery goods such as muffins etc…

Most common subsidiaries to simit are feta cheese and tea. You can order a simple plate that consist of cheese and some cold cuts or try a simit sandwich among the choices such as, sandwich with cheese, tomato and cucumber. If you are in the mood for eating more carbs, some of the most favored options are, “çatal çörek”, “tahini bun”, “muffin with raisins”, and “mini pizzas”.

Galata Simitçisi is an excellent choice for a casual breakfast. After breakfast, there are various things to do in the area, and you could easily spend the entire day here. Head to the seaside, have a coffee, see the boutique little stores, sample the famous Güllüoğlu desserts, and finish the day with a beer or rakı. What else could you want for in a fun-filled day?





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