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Hakkasan İstanbul


Hakkasan’s expansion to Istanbul, with it’s reputation for Michelin-starred excellence; is undoubtedly a notable addition to the city’s culinary scene. Hakkasan is renowned globally and holds a total of four Michelin Stars across it’s various locations. This recognition signifies the restaurant’s commitment to delivering exceptional dining experiences.


The Istanbul branch of Hakkasan is characterized by it’s high-quality and luxurious atmosphere. The combination of luxury and elegance makes it a suitable venue for various occasions, including celebrations, gatherings with friends and business meals. The restaurant boasts a modern decoration scheme, creating a visually appealing and contemporary setting for diners.

Hakkasan is well-known for it’s Cantonese cuisine and Istanbul location offers a chance to savor these signature flavors. Guests can anticipate a culinary journey that highlights the best of Chinese traditional Cantonese cuisine. The restaurant is committed to fine dining, which means that you can expect not only delicious Chinese dishes but also beautifully presented creations that reflect the artistry of Cantonese cuisine.





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