Lahmacun & Pide $8.00 - $15.00

Halil Lahmacun


Kadıköy is a region where the gastronomy trends is determined in İstanbul. New chefs and young entrepreneurs has been choosing Kadıköy in order to realize their ideas. Because of the situation there are many small eatery’s in Kadıköy where people line up. But places like Halil Lahmacun has been serving to his regulars way before this gastronomy trend. As you understand form it’s name the restaurant one of the best Turkish pizza (lahmacun) place you can find in the city.

Since Kadıköy has an old settlement area, there ise delightful street market with lots of deli stores. So you can feet the local vibe deeply with the Mezze restaurants and food market walking around. And of the best choice while hanging out in the region is visiting Halil Lahmacun, especially you have short time. This place is a fast casual restaurant that’s not serving alcohol. The menu consist of very basic and to do point items. Lahmacun and ayran (Turkish drink with yogurt) is in the main role of menu. Also you can try baklava






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