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Arafta Moda


Arafta Moda, the newest addition to the bustling region Moda, has quickly become a popular destination in Istanbul. Located near the beach, next to Naga Putrika and Cibalikapı Fisherman, Arafta Moda offers a fantastic alternative for those seeking a spacious and enjoyable atmosphere. The venue boasts a vast garden, creating a comfortable ambiance dominated by a white color scheme. It features several photogenic corners, including a large mirror section and bohemian seating groups, making it a great spot for photos, particularly for those who enjoy capturing memorable moments. Although Arafta Moda is newly discovered, it is expected to become one of the go-to destinations for birthday celebrations and socializing with friends.

Arafta Moda has a team of skilled and experienced chefs in the kitchen, ensuring a delightful dining experience. Starting with the appetizers, you can indulge in a variety of delicious options. The cold appetizer plate allows you to sample a wide range of appetizers, initiating a wonderful culinary journey. Alternatively, you can choose individual appetizers that suit your taste. Popular choices include hummus, atom, fava, mutebbel and artichoke. The presentation of the dishes, with delicate touches from the chefs, adds to the overall appetizing experience.

Additionally, Arafta Moda provides a selection of starters, salads and main courses. Among the starters, Fried Seafood, erişte with cheese and walnuts, crispy pastry with beef cheeks and mushrooms and liver stand out. For main courses, Chicken with Chardonnay Sauce and Fillet Medallion are highly praised by quests. You can try them!

Tips: Depending on your preference, Arafta Moda allows you to tailor your dining experience to focus on seafood or meat-appetizers. The choice is entirely yours and both options promise a unique and satisfying culinary adventure.





Signature Dishes

  • Chardonnay Soslu Tavuk
    $ 10.00


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