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Buselik Bodrum (Closed)


Several Istanbul restaurants opened a summer branches at Bodrum in the recent years. Buselik is one of these locations. With its pleasant and cozy ambiance and wonderful appetizers and main courses prepared in the tavern kitchen, people living in Bodrum quickly fell in love with this place.

The castle and marina, which are the first silhouettes that come to mind when someone hears about Bodrum, greet visitors from a unique vantage point at Buselik Bodrum. The severity of the city softens as you approach the terrace, which provides access to a traditional Bodrum setting with a view. The music played at Buselik Bodrum contributes to the restaurant’s ambience.

Buselik delivers the must-have appetizers, some authentic and some with slight modifications. Traditional presentations of hummus, fava, muhammara, and köpoğlu satisfy both traditionalists and those open to experiment. Buselik’s menu also offers seasonal appetizers that are produced using locally sourced ingredients. Shrimp with Honey Reyhan, Stuffed Leaf with Cherry, Mancha with Tahini and Eggplant (Thracian style), walnuts, and Cherry Beetroot served with cream are some of the must-eat appetizers. Crispy fried zucchini, Leaf Liver, and Roasted Goat Cheese in Casserole are among the most favored hot appetizers. In addition to a la carte menu, Buselik offers a set menu for groups.





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