Mezze Restaurant, Seafood $70.00 - $90.00

Eskiyer Yalıkavak


Eskiyer Yalıkavak is a popular restaurant in Bodrum, Turkey. It gained it’s popularity for several reasons, including it’s excellent location by the sea, offering guests a beautiful view and a pleasant Aegean fishing experience with fresh, seasonal products. The restaurant’s success can also be attributed to it’s modern and stylish ambiance and decoration. It seems that the combination of great food, a beautiful location and a welcoming atmosphere has made Eskiyer Yalıkavak a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

The restaurant’s menu is known for it’s delicious tastes, especially it’s unique and special appetizers and seafood interpretations. The presentation of the dishes is stylish and appealing to the eye. Some of the popular appetizers include yaprak sarma served with Sevketi bostan (a type of vegetable), Cretan Style Zucchini with Walnut, sea bass marinade, and eggplant paste.

As for the main dishes, Grilled Octopus, Fried Calamari and Shrimp with Butter are among the most preferred options. The fish and seafood served at Eskiyer Yalıkavak are always fresh and delicious, making it a top choice for seafood lovers. In addition to the mouthwatering seafood, the restaurant offers delightful desserts. Some of the most popular desserts include Crispy Pumpkin Dessert from Hatay, Creamy Bread Kadayif and Stuffed Walnut Dessert from Afyon. These desserts add a sweet touch to the dining experience.

Tips : For wine enthusiasts, Eskiyer Yalıkavak boasts an extensive wine cellar with many types of wine available to choose from. This provides guests with the opportunity to pair their meals with a suitable wine selection, enhancing the overall dining experience.





Signature Dishes

  • Yaprak Sarma
    $ 10.00


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