Gastro Pub $20.00 - $40.00

Draft Kadıköy


İstanbul’s attractions for food, drink, and entertainment have changed significantly during the past few years. The busiest places recently have always been around Kadıköy-Bağdat Street. Gastropubs; which focus beer and cocktails are very popular, especially for young people.

One of the early pioneers of this style is the multi-branch Draft Gastropub. We can say that Draft Moda is the most popular branch. Draft Kadıköy is a place that; It welcomes it’s guests with it’s cozy and energetic atmosphere, gastro-pub delicacies, signature cocktails and various draft beers.

Located at the intersection of Kadıköy and Moda, Draft Kadıköy is one of the places that best reflects the spirit of the region. The upper level of the establishment is among the most populated terraces in Kadıköy, while the entrance section is ideal for keeping the rhythm of the street. The mezzanine floors of Draft Moda offer a very suitable atmosphere for groups (some celebrations or meet with friends)

Draft Kadıköy’s core components are socializing in harmony while listening to lively music and enjoying food and beverages. Under the B.O.B Burger brand, the menu includes burgers compatible with craft beers, and street flavors suitable for sharing.





Signature Dishes

  • Burger
    $ 10.00


Now Open

Opening Hours

  • Monday 12:00 - 00:30
  • Tuesday 12:00 - 00:30
  • Wednesday 12:00 - 00:30
  • Thursday 12:00 - 00:30
  • Friday 12:00 - 01:30
  • Saturday 12:00 - 01:30
  • Sunday 12:00 - 24:00

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