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Galiptos Yalıkavak


Galiptos Yalıkavak, located in the vibrant region of Yalıkavak in Bodrum, has become a popular destination due to the increasing settlement and tourism in the area. This restaurant stands out for it’s special flavors, friendly atmosphere and it’s ability to provide a delightful Aegean dining experience during summer evenings.

One of the unique aspects of Galiptos Yalıkavak is that it is run by a couple who are both chefs and also locals of the region. This gives the restaurant a distinct identity as a chef and local establishment. The welcoming ambiance of the restaurant makes guests feel like they are visiting the garden of a warm Aegean family, surrounded by lush greenery. The restaurant’s setting also evokes the atmosphere of a vineyard in Italy, adding to it’s charm.

The menu features freshly prepared appetizers and main courses that vary based on the availability of ingredients. Since the creators of the restaurant have experience in different cuisines, they incorporate unique touches to traditional Aegean cuisine in their presentations and recipes. Galiptos Yalıkavak prioritizes using fresh, local ingredients, ensuring that their dishes are of the highest quality. Some must-try dishes at the restaurant include zucchini and artichokes with avocado, fried calamari, octopus and tavern meatballs. All of them are very delicious.

Tips: Additionally, the venue is ideal for group meetings, due to it’s pleasant atmosphere on warm summer evenings. Guests can enjoy the delightful combination of jazz and Turkish music that enhances the overall ambiance.





Signature Dishes

  • Avokadolu Kabak
    $ 8.00


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