Gizia Türkbükü


Türkbükü, one of Bodrum’s most important dining and nightlife attraction hubs, grabs attention with its establishments that appeal to all age groups and have a diverse visitor base. Gizia Türkbükü, with its Bodrum-style concept, is one of the places that provides attraction to the region by serving as a beach during the day, a restaurant in the evening, and a boutique nightclub in the late hours.

Gizia Türkbükü appears to be a two-sectioned venue with a bar and a pier. During the day, the pier section of the establishment operates as a beach. The pier at Gizia is one of Türkbükü’s most secluded beaches. Lahmacun, pita bread and pizzas cooked in the wood fire are good options to eat during the day. Also seafood Linguine, salads, and burgers are all must-order dishes. The upper section of the establishment, which may be used during the day, transforms into an amazing bar atmosphere in the evening.

Gizia Türkbükü’s pier section appears to be a fine dining restaurant with white-clothed tables in the evening. While the menu includes appetizers such as grilled octopus and marinated shrimp, one of the restaurant’s signature meals is the beef tenderloin medallion. As the clock approaches midnight, the venue raises the tempo of the music to prepare for the nightlife. Gizia, which has a lovely atmosphere from dawn to night, serves exceptional cocktails all day.





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