Kürkçü Dükkanı


Kürkçü Dükkanı in Alaçatı offers a unique and distinctive atmosphere that sets it apart from other venues in the area. Located in a hangar a little further away from the main hub, it provides a different experience for visitors. The venue features a spacious garden where guests can sit under the trees and appreciate the surroundings. As you enter, you’ll notice the open kitchen, a large bar area and various inviting seating areas.

Once you settle in and start perusing the menu while enjoying the beautiful music playing in the background, you’ll realize that the Kürkçü Dükkanı promises an exceptional gastronomic experience from the very beginning. The menu is divided into sections such as Kürkçü classics, sharing plates, salads and open-fire meat/seafood. Each dish will delight your taste buds with it’s unique flavors. Among the favorite choices in the Kürkçü classics section are the delicious hummus, truffle potatoes, Aegean herb mucver (zucchini fritters), and smoked tzatziki.

Kürkçü Dükkanı also provides interesting options like zucchini flowers and truffle mussels, showcasing the chef’s creative touches. However, the real highlight of the menu is the open-fire cooking, which adds an unmistakable flavor to the dishes. The meats are incredibly tender and delightful. Popular choices include tenderloin, lamb shank, flank steak and wagyu New York steak. Moreover, the seafood prepared on an open fire is equally delicious and special. The dishes are not only flavorful but also presented with great attention to detail, enhancing both the taste and visual appeal.

Tips: Kürkçü Dükkanı transforms into an entertaining venue as the night progresses. With a wide selection of wines and cocktails available, you can enjoy DJ events and lively hours filled with good music.





Signature Dishes

  • Trüflü Midye
    $ 15.00


Now Closed

Opening Hours

  • Monday 19:00 - 00:30
  • Tuesday 19:00 - 00:30
  • Wednesday 19:00 - 00:30
  • Thursday 19:00 - 00:30
  • Friday 19:00 - 00:30
  • Saturday 19:00 - 00:30
  • Sunday 19:00 - 00:30

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