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Nardis Jazz Club


Nardis Jazz Club stands out as a prominent and iconic jazz venue in the city, offering a unique experience for jazz enthusiasts. Nardis Jazz Club has been active since 2002, establishing itself as a significant player Istanbul’s jazz scene. It’s longevity suggests a commitment to the art form and a reputation for quality jazz performances. The club is strategically located on a peaceful and quiet street next to the Galata Tower in Beyoğlu. The serene surroundings contribute to the overall atmosphere, providing an ideal setting for enjoying jazz music. The club offers a versatile space where patrons can celebrate special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.

Nardis Jazz Club hosts jazz musicians who create wonders on stage. The intimate setting with artists performing in front of a black curtain, enhances the immersive experience for jazz lovers. The club features performances by important jazz music singers from both Turkey and the world, providing a diverse and enriching musical experience for it’s audience. The mention of the “Jazz Museum” project indicates an effort to preserve and showcase Nardis’s 20 year history and previous Turkish jazz music experiences. This project contributes to the cultural heritage and appreciation of jazz in the region. Also, Nardis Jazz Club actively supports young generation jazz musicians through competitions and stage opportunities.





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Opening Hours

  • Monday 20:00 - 01:30
  • Tuesday 20:00 - 01:30
  • Wednesday 20:00 - 01:30
  • Thursday 20:00 - 01:30
  • Friday 20:00 - 01:30
  • Saturday 20:00 - 01:30
  • Sunday 20:00 - 01:30

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