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Canım Ciğerim


Liver is one of the most traditional dishes in Turkey. There are many cities where liver is famous which has several varieties. One of the most popular liver restaurants in İstanbul is Canım Cigerim in Taksim. This is a restaurant that has been serving for many years in Taksim, Asmalımescit with the flavor of roasted liver and skewers. It has become a real classic. Especially frequented by those who come to Taksim night entertainment. It is a great pleasure to come to the place, which serves until late at night, after the entertainment and to eat it’s delicious food.

Before eating liver, you can try handemade ayran and it’s unique appetizers. The liver should then be tasted. Amazingly delicious. There are side dishes also. Canım Ciğerim is a very successful place for eating liver. Many people are aware of this and they really have many customers. Even many Turkish celebrities and singers have come here. It is an ideal place to taste a traditional dish not only for locals but also for tourists.





Signature Dishes

  • Ciğer
    $ 10.00


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