Glouton Asmalı Mescit

Asmalı Mescit

Asmalı Mescit has recently returned to its popular days after a long period. With its historic texture the area deserves qualified restaurants and bars. Bordel Imbiss and Mabou Pera, are some of the good samples of this kind of places. Glouton, which is subject of this article, is a brand new project of those restaurants creator Cem Ekşi. Glouton Asmalı Mescit is the neighbor and sister place of Bordel, which we love so much in a short time (also of Mabou Pera). Right next door; however, a very different atmosphere and food journey awaits you here. In Glouton, inspired by Paris, even the tables face the street in the order we see in Paris. In the interior, there is an open kitchen and some colorful details.

We can easily say that a different experience awaits you at Glouton, which emerged with the slogan “Paris nights, Italian lifestyle, Levantine delicacies”. The place is open between 10:00 and 00:00 except Mondays. As in other venues of Cem Chef, it welcomes you, its guests, with its “little and concise” breakfast and dinner menu. Especially try oyster and Prosecco both in breakfast and dinner. Also

Not to mention, it would be beneficial to make a reservation. As they gain many regulars in a short time and host many people who want to try. as the place is small, Glouton Asmalı Mescit is a very uniq place that you can have a gastronomic experience in the heart of local’s night life area.





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