Italian Cuisine $15.00 - $30.00

Primi Balat


Primi Balat is one of the most suitable places for the different spirit of the Balat district. The restaurant’s atmosphere and flavors attract to lovers of Italian food and it is frequently visited. This is a historical building with several floors. The ground floor is a very cozy environment. There is a terrace on the upper floor. It’s fun to socialize, sit for a long time and taste foods here. Fine Italian cuisine and breakfast are served at Primi Balat.


 All day active venue, Primi Balat has Italian Snacks, salads, soups, pastas, main courses and desserts in it’s menu. Particularly well-liked food is pasta in here. Among the most popular dishes are Rigatoni alla Norma and Fettucini al Pesto. All the pastas and sauces you taste at Primi are their own production, handmade. It’s completely natural and does not contain any additives. They choose the natural and additive free product for each of the by products they offer from several producers after extensive investigation. You should unquestionably visit Primi Balat for all of the reasons we mentioned.





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