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Siete Cafe & Art Studio


Feriköy is a region of the Şişli district of Istanbul, and it has always attracted my attention especially with its old houses, quiet streets and the peace it feels. For this reason, when I see a place open here, I would like to go and explore it immediately. Siete Cafe&Art Studio was a place where I went on such a day and sat for a long time with pleasure. Siete Cafe&Art Studio has a large and peaceful garden. It is possible to sit for hours in this garden, read a book and try delicious coffees and snacks. I think that this garden is inspiring. In addition, Siete Cafe&Art Studio is a ceramics studio which Stylish ceramics are produced here. Many ceramic workshops are held here. You can follow the workshops held regularly on a monthly basis and participate by notifying them in advance. Lastly, we should mention that you can choose this place for healthy and delicious breakfasts.





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