Street Food $5.00 - $10.00

Tarihi Eminönü Balık Ekmek Barbaros Teknesi


Regardless of cultural differences in street food, each country has its own gastronomic offerings. There are numerous choices for street food in Turkey. “Tarihi Eminönü Balık Ekmek Barbaros Teknesi” is one of the most well-known of these choices. The spot is placed on a boat and serves one of the most amazing balık-ekmek (fish sandwich). Since Turkey surrounded by sea, fish alternatives are really rich and people in this spot are the experts in cooking it in the best way possible. They make the sandwiches with greens, onions, and seasonings and serve them with small chili pepper pickles, which makes the taste so good. Drink ayran or şalgam with the sandwiches and please yourself with the famous Turkish tea at the end of the lunch/dinner.

You may enjoy the wonderful sea view and watch people fishing while eating at the boat. Eminönü is a must-see place in Istanbul, and having a fish sandwich at “Tarihi Eminönü Balık Ekmek Barbaros Teknesi” should be on your itinerary. Explore both the region’s rich historical legacy and the famous fish sandwich! You won’t regret.

Tips: Get ready for a really crowded and touristic area. If possible spend a whole day in the region and discover other places. Don’t forget to order pepper pickles with the sandwiches!





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