Mezze Restaurant $35.00 - $70.00

Asmalı Cavit


Cavit, one of Beyoğlu’s most popular and well-known Turkish taverns for over 40 years, has regulars of all ages. Cavit is a restaurant that has inherited and passed down exquisite aspects of tavern art from masters. Turkish taverns are notable for their distinct ambience and menus that include a variety of cold and hot meze options and Cavit is a great example of these type of restaurants.

It’s a great pleasure to enjoy the delicious dishes while enjoying a slow music and rakı. The seating area very cosy and friendly with a local vibe. The tables outside the restaurant, alongside the street welcomes all who wishes to participate in the crowd walking by the streets. This outdoor seating area is great for individuals who want to be close to Asmalmescit’s unique sounds, the historical texture of the street, and the exciting ambiance of the nightlife.

Crete Ezme, Eggplant salad, Köpoğlu, fava, lakerda and Muhammara are some of the must-try appetizers. You may continue your dinner with liver, shrimp or seasonal fish options which are among the most favored items on the menu.





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