Burger & Sandwich $15.00 - $30.00

Bonjo Ayvalık


Bonjo Ayvalık stands out a Ayvalık’s best burger restaurant, attracting guests with it’s inviting atmosphere, little garden and delicious offerings like burger and beer. The restaurant features a small, peaceful garden where guests can enjoy with their burgers, beer and potatoes in a friendly and cozy setting.

Bonjo Ayvalık is different from another venues because of affiliation with Istanbul’s renowned Burger X team. Fans of Burger X will appreciate the addition of their signature delicious sweet sauce, which adds a unique dimension to the burgers in Bonjo Ayvalık also. The burgers are very delicious with this handemade sauces. The soft burger buns and specially prepared meat further contribute to the exceptional quality that has made Bonjo Ayvalık the must go destination for burgers in Ayvalık. In addition to the burgers, the sides and fries at Bonjo Ayvalık are also delicious, completing the meal experience.





Signature Dishes

  • Bonjo Burger
    $ 6.00


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