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E’la Çağdaş Kuzey Ege Mutfağı


E’la Çağdaş Kuzey Ege Mutfağı in Ayvalık is a delightful culinary destination with it’s welcoming ambiance, central location and unique dining experience. The way you’ve described the atmosphere, the entrance of the stylish cafe/restaurant interior to the hidden peaceful garden, creates a vivid image of a charming and serene place.

The emphasis on the involvement of Chef Ersin Aykan and his wife in every step of the dining experience suggests a personal touch that often elevates a restaurant’s overall appeal. It’s clear that the place has been carefully curated to provide a blend of contemporary and traditional elements, making it inviting to both locals and visitors.

The focus on a concise yet original menu is also intriguing. The mention of seasonal ingredients adds a layer of freshness and variety to the dining options. It’s great to hear that the menu goes beyond the ordinary and offers unique dishes that showcase the local flavors and creativity of chef. Some of the menu’s highlights are Koruklu Raw Rock Sea Bass, lakerda tartar and Balıkesir lamb kokorec baklava pastry are very delicious.





Siganture Dishes

  • Fırınlanmış Kirli Hanım Peyniri
    $ 10.00


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