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Fıccın Beyoğlu


Fıccın Beyoğlu, which has been operating since 1996; is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable places in Beyoğlu region with it’s unique style. Fıccın Beyoğlu is a restaurant that offers the best examples of Circassian and Anatolian cuisine, with all four establishments situated on the same street in Beyoğlu. The atmosphere of the restaurant is extremely pleasant. It has a welcoming, warm, and cozy ambience. This location makes a great job at capturing the unique and historic spirit of Beyoğlu.


The menu is also very extensive and delicious at Fıccın Beyoğlu. They purchase the ingredients for their meals from stores that provide organic and freshly produced goods. The restaurant provides take-out service in addition to serving a variety of Circassian and Turkish dishes, as well as daily-changing home dishes and grills.

The most favored meals here are ficcin (a meat-based Circassian dish) and gabin (Circassian ravioli with minced meat). Moreover, liver, sea bass, artichoke salad and mücver are all highly recommended. Special desert of the place is sweet semolina pastry with poppy seeds.

You can visit the place all day which is also a nice and casual alternative for dinner. There is alcohol service at Fıccın Beyoğlu  and if you want to have a dinner with rakı or beer, this is a good place to be. On a night like this, our suggestion is to start with cold appetizers such as Haydari, Atom, Eggplant salad… Then continue with fried liver served with onions (yaprak ciğer), shrimp casserole or fried horse-mackerel (available seasonly). Zucchini hash browns are highly recommended.





Signature Dishes

  • Fıccın
    $ 10.00


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