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Upperist Taksim


Taksim, a vibrant hub in the heart of the city, is undergoing significant changes while remaining a pulsating center that reflects the spirit of the country. With the recent influx of Arab tourists, the local establishments in the area, such as Turkish delight boutiques, have embraced a new profile. Furthermore, the reopening of the Atatürk Cultural Center (AKM) has sparked a renewed interest among the locals, who now have the opportunity to explore modern-style venues like Divan Brasserie, Vakko L’Atelier, and the exciting new addition, Biz Istanbul. As we enter the summer of 2023, Okra and Upperist, nestled on the terrace of The Marmara Taksim, are set to captivate the attention of both locals and visitors alike, amidst the dynamic changes taking place in the area.


The situation in Taksim Square is indeed difficult and complicated. The transformation of the area into a small Middle East has affected the shop owners and even the taxi drivers. Despite the situation, Cihangir and Gümüşsuyu stand out with their pleasant venues and vibrant social life. Amidst all this flow, Upperist, located on the terrace of The Marmara Hotel, with its 20 floors, offers an impressive view thanks to the height of the area. The venue, designed to be usable from all four sides, provides a different Istanbul view from every angle. In terms of concept, Upperist presents itself as a terrace bar with a lounge-style seating arrangement, where cocktails take the spotlight.

The venue, active from 18:30 every day of the week. Upperist, which is simply decorated, features Chillout Lounge music accompanying the reed-like plants dancing with the wind. As the evening progresses, the rhythm of the music increases, and the lounge areas are designed in a way that encourages and facilitates bottle service. It seems that Upperist will become a focal point of interest as one of the not-so-common terrace bars in the city in a short time.






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