Seafood $60.00 - $150.00

Kıyı Tarabya


The most preferred options for a good lunch or dinner in Istanbul are either seafood restaurants or kebab restaurants. The main reason for choosing this type of restaurants is that these restaurants, which offer a wide selection of appetizers, hot starters and main courses, set long and varied tables and allow spending great time with conversation and drinks for long hours. Located in Tarabya, Kıyı is one of the oldest and iconic seafood restaurants in Istanbul.

The classic and must-try appetizers in Kıyı include “Lakerda”, “Köpoğlu”, “Fava”, “Eggplant Salad”, “Atom”, “Semizotu Salad”, “Barbunya Pilaki”, “Levrek Marin”, “isli Çiroz”, “Haydari”. There is also caviar in the restaurant. Among the salads, the shrimp salad is worth trying. Among hot appetizers grilled octopus, calamar and shrimp are recommended. There are seasonal fish options that you can taste and if you gonna proceed with fish, don’t order appetizers too much because the portions are really satisfying.

This restaurant is one of the places that best reflects the local vibe, due to this regulars who does not give up on Kıyı’s delicacies. Located across Tarabya marina, Kıyı offers a delicious and quality evening away from the noise of the city.

Tips: Choose the restaurant for dinner or lunch. Go with reservation. Dress smart casual.





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