Kebab Restaurant $50.00 - $100.00

Kurul Bitez


Kurul Bitez is a stylish and elegant, kebab restaurant which is notable for its modern interpretations of Antep cuisine. The restaurant has been serving at the Bitez Mansion, directly adjacent to Vamos.

Indeed, it is astonishing that the building, which was previously used as a barn, has been transformed into such a magnificent place. Both the garden of the restaurant and the inner space is so stylish, welcoming and warm. These aspects make this spot highly attractive both in the summer and winter. With the fire place inside, it’s one of the best places to eat and drink in Bodrum in the winter season. The garden provides a warm and friendly yet elegant atmosphere with its tables under the trees with white covers, pebble stones with a sound that makes you feel like you’re walking on the beach.

When the sun goes down, the lights on the wicker chandeliers hanging from the trees provide a magnificent vision as they move around under the impact of the summer breeze. The night began with Turkish classical music; in the following hours, the music selection consists of Turkish and foreign music sounds.

The menu includes cold and hot appetizers, kebabs, oven specialities, and desserts, and all is served to your table in beautiful presentations. Kurul Bitez, which modernizes traditional Antep cuisine without losing its essence, offers its guests an Aegean-inspired concept and enticing kebab tastes. Among the appetizers, tsatsiki, atom, grilled onions and peppers (cooked in the kebab restaurant style), stuffed mutton balls, mini lahmacun, meze options with eggplant are recommended. You may find all kinds of kebab options in a perfectly cooked way in the restaurant. And at the end of the dinner you must try famous Antep desert, Katmer!





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