Azur Bodrum


One of the most popular areas in Bodrum is Yalikavak. Restaurants, especially in Gokcebel, have become the new places where people meet. Azur Bodrum is one of these places that stands out the most. When Azur opened in 2018 in Istanbul, it filled an important need with its unique seafood offering and elegant style. Standard appetizers and seafood at fish restaurants have been taken to a whole new level at both the Istanbul and Bodrum branches. Azur Bodrum is one of the most interesting places in Bodrum because it has a stylish setting, an inviting bar, and a unique seafood menu.

Azur Bodrum is located in an old pier and the design of the restaurant combines shipyard symbols with modern items. When you enter the place, you come across a nice square bar with cozy places to sit and watch the sun go down. In the bar area, you can order signature cocktails and eat special snacks while looking out at the view in the evening.

On its menu, Azur mixes seafood with tastes from all over the world. Peruvian food, which has become popular around the world in recent years, is a big part of the culinary offerings of Azur Bodrum. The Nikkei style, ceviches and tempuras play a big role on the table. There is also pasta, paella and taco options prepared with seafoods.





  • Otoro Sashimi
    $ 60.00


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