Mezze Restaurant, Seafood $40.00 - $70.00

Eleos Yeşilköy


Yeşilköy, described as a peaceful district with a coastal town ambiance; is home to Eleos Yeşilköy (In Bakırköy), a Michelin Star award-winning fish and appetizer restaurant. Yeşilköy is positioned at a certain distance from the center of Istanbul, offering a tranquil atmosphere reminiscent of coastal towns. Eleos Yeşilköy is conveniently located a few streets away from Yeşilköy Marina. The restaurant’s ambiance resembles a Greek tavern, described as extremely cozy and welcoming. This cozy atmosphere makes Eleos Yeşilköy an ideal place for weekend visits, socializing with friends and celebrating special occasions like birthdays.

The restaurant has received a Michelin Star, emphasizing it’s commitment to culinary excellence. Eleos Yeşilköy (Also has a branch in Beyoğlu) Specializing in fish and appetizers with a focus on delicious and fresh seafood. Traditional appetizers with a Mediterranean touch are highlighted as some of the most popular dishes. Sea bass, perfectly grilled and served with a simple presentation; is noted as one of the restaurant’s most popular dishes.





Signature Dishes

  • Izgara Levrek
    $ 15.00


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