Cocktail Bar $15.00 - $25.00

Lelabbo Cocktail Bar


Lelabbo Cocktail Bar in Kadıköy, especially in the lively area where young people spend their time; seems to be a standout addition to the neighborhood’s nightlife. The emergence of a great cocktail bar in an area known for beer places reflects the evolving preferences and trends. It’s stylish decoration and experienced team implies a commitment to providing a high-quality and enjoyable cocktail experience.

Lelabbo Cocktail Bar’s location’s proximity to Nero Coffee in Moda along with it’s relatively small and sincere setup, creates an intimate and welcoming atmosphere. The decorative details, such as the dominance of wooden color/furniture and the nod to the historical neighborhood pharmacy with wardrobe-shaped cabinets and old medicine bottles, add a unique and distinctive touch to the ambiance.

The different cocktail menu offering options like ‘House Cocktail’ or classic varieties, provides flexibility for guests to choose according to their preferences. The recommendation to try Lelabbo’s own recipes, labor and experience adds a personal touch to the cocktail selection. Team of Lelabbo Cocktail Bar also help patrons for finding cocktails that suit their taste with a friendly and smiling service. Most popular cocktails are Ispahan and Smoked Fiesta with Roasted Red Pepper or Strawberry. All of the cocktails are really delicious. You must try them!





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