Mexican Cuisine, WORLD CUISINE $50.00 - $70.00

Los Altos


Los Altos is one of the most well-liked Mexican Restaurants in istanbul. Located in Tom Tom Street area of ​​Beyoğlu, the venue has long been the focus of both celebrations and friends gatherings. One of the most important reason of this is it’s amazing view. The venue is on a terrace with a unique panoramic view of the Historic Peninsula, Golden Horn and Islands. You can also sense the energy of Mexico in the environment. It offers a really colorful, distinctive and inviting atmosphere. Also, they provide the best representations of Mexican food.

In Los Altos there is a Mexican spirit, not only with it’s atmosphere and cuisine; they also make you feel like in Mexica with tequila and mezcal tastings, special cultural events, salsa nights and live Mariachi shows. If we talk about the menu of Los Altos, we can day that this is the perfect spot for people who enjoy Mexican food.

Main dishes like beef and chicken and appetizers like guacamole and tacos Solterito and Desserts are all quite tasty. The most popular dishes are “Pollo Can Arroz Verde” and “Pavo Con Vole” which is turkey thigh. Also, their churros are very popular. Along with these, Mexican drinks and other alcohols are also available here. Definitely a very fun and different venue.





Signature Dishes

  • Pavo Con Vole
    $ 10.00


Now Open

Opening Hours

  • Monday 15:00 - 01:00
  • Tuesday 15:00 - 01:00
  • Wednesday 15:00 - 01:00
  • Thursday 15:00 - 01:00
  • Friday 15:00 - 02:00
  • Saturday 15:00 - 02:00
  • Sunday 15:00 - 01:00

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