Döner & Dürüm, Street Food $8.00 - $12.00

Tarihi Balık Dürümcü Mehmet Usta


Despite cultural variances in street food, every country has its unique culinary choices. In Turkey, there are variety of options that can be counted as street food. Tarihi Balık Dürümcü Mehmet Usta is a tiny shop in Karaköy that sells fish wrap (dürüm). Mehmet Usta, the chef, add greens, onions, and special spices to his recipe, which makes the wrap so tasty. When you get closer to the spot, the scent of the delicious fish greets you and then you meet with an incredible taste. You may try to drink ayran or şalgam alongside the meal and eat mini chili pepper pickles. Because of Tarihi Balık Dürümcü Mehmet Usta’s fame, there is constantly a line in front of the place.

While visiting Istanbul, a must-see place is Karaköy, and having fish wrap at Tarihi Balık Dürümcü Mehmet Usta should be on your to-do list. There are plenty of coffee shops and places that you can drink a beer or a cocktail, and small boutique shops in the region. If you want to eat a desert after this delicious fish warp, you should go to Güllüoğlu where you can find all famous Turkish deserts! While you are in the region you may head over to Eminönü and take a look around the great historical heritage on the region.





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