Asian Cuisine, Cocktail Bar $90.00 - $150.00

Çok Çok Pera


Pera, which overlooks the historical peninsula and means “the opposite side,” is one of the districts that best reflects the multi-layered texture of the city. With its magnificent buildings, Meşrutiyet Avenue stands out as the point that best reflects the spirit of the area. The avenue receives a considerably smaller amount of chaotic human traffic from Beyoğlu, and it draws attention with its high-quality venues. Moreover, these venues, ranging from fine dining restaurants to delis-bistros, from Thai cuisine to neighborhood bars, have found their place on the avenue with a beautiful distribution. Among them, Çok Çok, which has been introducing the flavor-filled cuisine of Asia to a wide and loyal audience for 16 years, has now opened its doors to its guests with the “Contemporary Thai” concept.

Çok Çok Pera is located in a building that previously housed the American Consulate (1873-2003) and is currently owned by the Soho House Complex. It provides its services independently of the club, which requires membership for entry. With its high ceilings and spacious interior, Çok Çok offers a relaxed atmosphere for its guests. Çok Çok Pera offers its tasting menu with flavors presented in 5 and 8 courses. The cuisine is based on the balance of four main flavors: sour, sweet, salty, and spicy. It is interpreted in a contemporary style, enriched with modern touches.

Çok Çok Pera also deserves a special mention for its Ernest’s Bar. Fatih Akerdem, the renowned bartender of this fine dining restaurant, prepares unique cocktails with his 48 years of experience. Akerdem, who is also the author of the world’s only “Rakı Cocktails” book, shares the stories behind his cocktail creations with the guests. The menu includes a separate category for rakı cocktails, featuring a wide range of options including the original examples of all classic cocktails worldwide, Ernest Hemingway’s favorite cocktails, and cocktails completed with Thai herbs and spices.





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