Hatay cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines in Turkey when delicious food comes to our minds. People travel to Hatay just to eat the food here, and this is also called food tourism. We can say that Hatay Gurme, located in Ataşehir/Istanbul, satisfy the needs of both Hatay residents but live in Istanbul and those who like Hatay cuisine so much. Here you can find the best flavors of Hatay cuisine, appetizers, kebabs, desserts and breakfasts.

This venue has opened by a family from Hatay, the place started to present Hatay’s traditional dishes with new menus. Also they are bringing it’s own products to Istanbul with it’s Antakya-based team under the Antakya Grocery brand. It is to introduce the flavors and culture of Hatay Cuisine with the Hatay dishes they bring from Hatay to the whole Istanbul. You should especially try hummus, breakfast dishes and some kebabs and künefe, which are on the menu and special to Hatay Cuisine.





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