Asmaaltı Bodrum


Turgutreis, known for it’s tranquil summer houses, offers a variety of restaurants, many of them are traditional taverns. Among the recently opened venues in the area, Asmaaltı Bodrum has quickly caught the attention of locals and visitors alike. Led by the talented chef Rüzgar Ceyda Alpak, the kitchen at Asmaaltı Bodrum is known for it’s exceptional success. The owners of the restaurant, who previously operated a venue in Moda for several years, decided to bring their culinary expertise to Bodrum, resulting in the creation of Asmaaltı Bodrum.

The restaurant’s slogan, “From the farm to the table,” reflects their commitment to using fresh and high-quality ingredients in their dishes. Asmaaltı Bodrum boasts a selection of delicious appetizers that have gained popularity among quests. Dishes such as liver, fava with raki and Müzeyyen (dried tomatoes and citrus marinated walnuts with dill) stand out as some of the most sought-after and delectable options. Classic appetizers like Crete paste, muhammara and atom are also available for guests to enjoy.

For those seeking hot starters; pastries, shrimp casserole, smoked mussels and baby potatoes are among the popular choices. The variety of appetizers ensures that guests can indulge in a diverse range of flavors and culinary experiences. The ambiance at Asmaaltı Bodrum is equally delightful, with a cozy and pleasant garden setting.

Tips: In Asmaaltı Bodrum, Sometimes, live music performances add to the tavern atmosphere, keeping the tradition alive in this beautiful outdoor space.





Signature Dishes

  • Rakılı Fava
    $ 5.00
Now Open

Opening Hours

  • Monday 16:00 - 01:00
  • Tuesday 16:00 - 01:00
  • Wednesday 16:00 - 01:00
  • Thursday 16:00 - 01:00
  • Friday 16:00 - 01:00
  • Saturday 16:00 - 01:00
  • Sunday 16:00 - 01:00

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